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Application Process

Before proceeding with the Sign-on process, please print the application packet below, complete and sign all documents, and scan them back as individual documents on your computer. You will be asked to upload these materials individually later in the sign-on process. You will also be asked to upload a current digital photograph of yourself. Note that this photo should not include other individuals.


The following documents are required to become an Independent Contractor with GCS Field Research. During the application process you will be prompted to individually upload each piece of information. We recommend completing all forms and scanning them as separate documents prior to beginning the application process.

  1. Independent Contractor Agreement
  2. Background Verification Disclosure and Release
  3. Copy of Valid Driver's License(or State-Issues ID)
  4. Proof of current Motor Vehicle Insurance
  5. W-9 (Note that only the first page of the W-9 should be uploaded)
  6. Recent Photograph
  7. Resume (Optional)
  8. Background Check File (you will have the ability to upload at a later time)

*All contractors performing services for GCS Field Research must have a background check. All of our assignments require a certified FELONY-LEVEL criminal check for current and past counties of residence.

Please contact contractor.support@intouchinsight.com with any questions regarding the sign-on process.

Thank you,

Field Research Management
GCS Field Research, Inc.

  1. Click here to download the Application Packet

  2. Click here to complete the application process.

Click here to complete the application process.

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